Roof rack

OFF-ROOP roof racks are 100% made in Hungary based on Hungarian design.
Their longitudinal supports, front plates and roof panels are made of 3 mm thick steel. Thanks to its compact aluminum crossbars, any additional brackets can be mounted on it, and their placement can be varied freely.

Rooftop tent

Off-Roop to Off-Road

The opening mechanism of all types of tents is automatic, the top hard part is made of ABS material (hard roof, hard top), the material of construction of all types of tents is aluminium, the tarpaulin is made of 280g polyester cotton, it is resistant to water, mould and UV rays. Each tent includes a 60 mm high density foam mattress with a washable cover.


You may have come across the name OFF-ROOP at various GPS rallies.
However, in 2023, as a manufacturer of off-road accessories, we want to strengthen the camp of off-roaders.

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